I am Mar de Vries, married to Stef.

My Pug addiction started a long time ago. In 1985 i saw these little creatures for the first time, and for a verry long time it was also the last time. They where never out of my mind.

In 1999, we where married, and both had the feeling that we wanted to add something to the relation. A kid never came to mind...a dog did. For me the dissision was easy...A Pug...finaly. But Stef knew nothing about Pugs, he didn't even knew they existed. No for Stef it had to be a St. Bernard...But since Stef was about 8 months a year from home we decided that we should start with a Pug. Stef started to search the internet ( remember that in those days the internet wasn't as good as it is now, so information was not easy to be found) and we came in touch with a 'breeder'. In August 1999, our first Pug arrived, we named him Gijs. ( Well it's a Dutch name...what can i say).

  Gijs Sam en Rex

There's something about these dogs, but verry soon we decided we also wanted a beige one. So in July 2000 we adopted Max. Max and Gijs where like brothers, but unfortunately Max died on the age of 11 months due to a stupid car accident. Gijs changed nearly overnight. He became a crumpy Pug, kind, but crumpy. We decided that we should bring in a 'new' brother and so Sam came. Sam is a real sweet Pug, he liked Gijs, and Gijs?  Well Gijs stayed the crumpy old Pug 'till he died in 2011. But that was who he was, and we miss him every day.

At some point in time it came to mind that i wanted to do more with my Pug hobby, so i started looking for a Pug with all the right papers. In 2002 we brought Rex home from Belgium. Rex supposed to have a pedigree etc. but they turned out to be fake.

After a lot of disappointments and investigation it wasn't until 2005 that we had the opportunity to pick up Andridz Zulu Ayesha in England. Sure, she had all the paperwork, pedigree etc. After a year or so we decided to test her because someday we would love to have a litter. New disappointment...Joyce's medical condition whas not the start of what we had in mind. Joyce still lives with us, but we never had 'puggies' from her. Well...we love her anyway.

Finally, in 2007 Fareastern Hei Chang Nei ( Chang ) arrived from Australia. Chang is the 'Godmother' of our kennel and she produced some fantastic litters. Chang had her last litter ( C-Litter ) on Valentinesday 2011. We think it's been enough for 'granny' and now she can do what Pugs do...She's still the 'boss' in our house.

It's 2011 now, and we have a litle bit more Pugs in or house...I guess it's true what they say...

a Pug never stays à Pug

I do hope you enjoy this site.